Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stop the insanity

Remember Anytober? And Fruitabulous, and those other ridiculous non-rhyming, non-punning marketing terms? Well, unfortunately, there are more where those came from ...

(I'm including photos where possible, so you know I'm not making these up. As if I could.)

In a slightly different category, we have:

Technically, these don't violate the non-rhyming rule — "frydrate" sounds like hydrate, and "YOURgage" sounds like mortgage. But. They're still stupid. (How's that for objective criticism?)

Please let the insanity stop.

(Hat tip to Patrick Donnelly for the YOURgage contribution. Thanks a lot, Pat.)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Victory for the Copy Curmudgeon! (Well, sort of ...)

A new sign has gone up at a local restaurant, and it makes me happy:

Why? Because the Copy Curmudgeon complained about this very establishment in an earlier blog post, and it appears that the powers-that-be listened! Or read. OK, likely neither. 

But somebody at Bakers Square got somebody's memo about parallelism and changed its tagline (or whatever it's called) from Restaurant & Pies to Restaurant & Bakery, which makes much more sense.

I'm still waiting for that free slice of French silk pie, though.